Visma Severa

Visma Severa brings all the scattered information of a professional services organisation together and clarifies business processes. All your specialists use the same system from sales to invoicing, and all important information is instantly available to the team and management. You can do anything that is required regardless of where you are, even on mobile devices. Severa makes professional services automation visual, effortless and transparent.

Sales management

Manage your sales in one view

Severa has all you need for efficient sales of a professional services organisation. You can easily manage your everyday activities and always keep your customer information up to date. You can see the situation of your own or your team’s sales funnel at a glance and update sales work agilely to the correct phase. Information on the current situation, forecast and success of sales is always available to sales and management.


Proposal tool

Proposals easily and quickly

Manage proposals in the same place as your projects. Make proposals quickly with ready-made templates and create the project’s structure directly based on the accepted proposal. The proposal’s information is directly available as a basis for invoicing as well. You can compare the project’s actual hours to initial estimates in offer, and the invoicing is always based on what has been agreed upon with the customer.

Recording hours and travel expenses

Make recording hours and travel expenses easy

With Severa, you make recording hours and travel expenses easy for your employees. Different entry methods allow everyone to find the best and most accurate method of entering their hours. Entering travel expenses and work hours is also simple and fast on mobile devices. You can utilise the hours directly as a basis for invoicing and ensure that nothing is left out. The same entries are available for reporting and payroll administration as well.


Effortless and comprehensive recording

You can utilise calendar activities as a basis for hour entries or copy your previous day’s work for recording hours. Utilise the stopwatch or enter your hours directly from the time sheet that opens after logging in, based on your favourite types of work. Enter your hours and travel expenses easily on your phone and attach receipts with the receipt scanner.

Hourly invoicing and human resources

With a single entry, you can add hours and travel expenses to invoicing, reporting and payroll. You can utilise the entries directly in project monitoring and be always up to date on the work’s level of completion and profitability. Invoice the customer for the recorded hours. With the accounting integration, you can transfer all hours and travel expenses to payroll for processing.

The most important indicators to measure your success

Offer your employees the opportunity to track the success of their work as they enter their hours with the help of the most important key indicators. The information on their work hour balance and the project’s level of completion and billable rate are always available. Utilise Severa’s ready-made reports and indicators or create your own trackable KPIs.

Project management

Manage projects from all angles

With Visma Severa, you can manage both customer work and internal development projects. You can create a project in under a minute and utilise information related to the proposal or previous projects as templates. Project management and key indicators are always up to date, which helps to take care of schedules and the project’s profitability.


The project overview

The Gantt view of all projects and the project-specific Gantt chart provide an easy and visualised schedule for the project manager.

Personal and project-specific kanban views

Manage ongoing project tasks in the kanban view. You can instantly see all of your tasks and those of the team, as well as their statuses. You can examine tasks based on person or project.

Automatic data transfer

All project data from sales to invoicing is in one place and available for a wide range of purposes. In Severa, information is transferred automatically from proposal rows all the way to invoicing.


Improve your utilisation rate with efficient resourcing

Improve your specialists’ utilisation rate by resourcing the hours already in the sales phase of the project. You can see your team’s workload in a visual format and estimate the available time instantly. You can resource tasks according to workload and make sure that schedules will be met.



Invoice reliably

With Severa, you can collect all relevant information ready for invoicing. You will save time from compiling hours, expenses and rates. At the same time, you will ensure that nothing is accidentally left out from the invoice to the customer.


Pricing tools

With pricing templates and fixed rates, you can keep your invoicing correct and accurate.

Invoicing tools

With Severa, you can easily take care of recurring payments, such as maintenance and service fees. You will also invoice all hours and expenses with the invoicing rules defined when creating the project.

Hours and travel expenses

You will invoice all hours and expenses with the invoicing rules defined when creating the project. You can define the hourly rate flexibly in different ways.

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