Work Management

Manage projects,
work and tasks

Visma Severa is a comprehensive and automated tool for each employee for managing their own work. You’re always aware of your own and team’s workload and know what to do next.

Efficient and productive work

Successful implementation of projects depends on each employee and successful work allocation. With an efficient work management system, you can focus on your core competence.

Transparent projects

When you manage your projects in a single tool, you get an overall view of the status of your company, your employees’ workload and potentially risky situations.

Personal dashboards

Each employee tracks the things most important to them on their own personal dashboard. Transparency and responsibility for their own work improve efficiency and increase productivity.

More responsibility for success

A clear overview of each employee’s work helps to schedule and prioritise tasks so that the employees succeed in the right things.

Succeed in your work better

Track the status of the tasks, projects and goals set for you on your personal dashboard, where you can gather the important tasks and indicators specifically related to your work. Plan your week and take responsibility of your own performance.


Tools for all uses

Everyone’s contribution affects the success of the project. The PSA software supports and facilitates each employee’s work regardless of their role.


Manage your professional services organisation as a whole. Real-time reports on sales, resources and invoicing create a basis for better decision-making.

Project manager

Finish your projects on time and within budget. Establish projects and distribute tasks quickly. Track the projects’ progress, hours and margin in real time.

Financial manager

With automated invoicing, you make sure that all work hours are being invoiced. Track profitability and invoicing reports in real time. Invoices and information on working hours and expenses are automatically transferred into the accounting software.

Sales / Customer Relationship manager

Monitor the sales funnel and target your resources efficiently into the sales of the most profitable works and services. React to challenges in profitability and schedules in time.

Human resources

Make sure that you have consistent entries of hours and expenses and that the entries are done in time. Utilise the information in payroll and monitor your employees’ workload.

Specialist / Planner

Record your work and expenses quickly, create to-do lists and activities and monitor the realisation of your goals.

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