Time tracking & Travel expenses

Enter work hours and track profitability

With Visma Severa modern time tracking features you enter easily your work hours and travel expenses. You can target hours and costs straight to projects, and you’ll have up-to-date, illustrative profitability reports of customers and projects.

Time tracking services for professional services organisations

Enter hours easily for invoicing and project profitability tracking.

Easy-to-use time sheets

You can enter work hours directly to specific projects and track project profitability in real time. Enter your hours flexibly also on mobile devices.

Information for payroll

With the integrations, work hour, travel and expense entries are automatically sent to payroll administration.

Statutory time tracking

Entered hours are automatically archived as required by the Working Hours Act.

Project-specific purchases

Subcontract expenses or other purchases may have a significant impact on a project’s profitability. For this reason, we recommend entering all expenses on the project. The customer can be invoiced for the expenses with an agreed price automatically.

Hours and expenses directly to accounting

Make sure that valuable work hours are not spent on double entries and connect your PSA software with your accounting software. With the integration you get your hour and expense information directly to payroll and accounting.

Overtime, flextime and absences

Work hours entered in the system can be used for the needs of HR management and payroll administration. At the same time, the statutory time tracking is taken care of.

  • Overtime rates for reporting and invoicing
  • Absences such as holidays and sick leave
  • Work hour balance available to the employee
  • Summary reports on work time and absences as lists and charts

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