Optimise the resourcing of projects and personnel

Schedule and resource works and projects easily in Visma Severa. You can see your specialists’ workloads at a glance and distribute the work to the right experts. With Visma Severa’s resourcing tool, you ensure an optimal utilisation rate and a balanced workload.

Resource management for professional services organisations

Plan projects, add people and allocate hours. You can easily view all people’s workloads and react to changes quickly. Clear tracking helps to keep projects in check and people’s workload transparent.

Resource employees for projects

Create a project and allocate people according to their skills. You can resource people for a specific phase or the entire project. With the Gantt chart, it is easy to perceive the project’s progress, participating employees and their workload.

Stay on schedule and within the budget

Compare realised hours with allocated and budgeted hours in real time. Measure the projects’ and specialists’ profitability, utilisation and billable rates. You always have fact-based, real-time information on your projects’ progress.

A clear view of the workload

The management, project manager and specialist all have a clear view of the team’s workload and ongoing projects. You can target the employees’ time efficiently and realistically on different projects. In case of an illness, you can easily see who are available as replacements.

Predict the needed resources already in the sales phase

You can allocate the resources already during the sales process. This lets you assess the project’s schedule more realistically and predict situations where more employees or partners are required to provide the service. In addition, the people participating in the project receive information on future projects in time.

Diverse Features

Easy and visual resourcing

A clear view of projects and effective use of the employees’ time during the coming weeks.

Visma Severa resourcing


The resourcing is presented as a Gantt chart. This makes it easy to perceive the overall view of the project.

Forecasts and KPIs

Create your own KPIs which indicate whether your projects are progressing as planned and help you react to changes in time.

Updating plan

When you edit a project’s starting and ending dates, the subproject and resourcing information is also updated.

Employee resourcing

You can resource either as hours or percentages. It is possible to allocate the employees to a specific time period or phase.

Flexibility to project work

Respond to sudden changes more easily and keep projects more reliably on schedule.

Personal dashboards

Dashboards allow everyone to track their own projects and most important key indicators immediately when logging in.

More information of Visma Severa’s resource management

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