Manage your company with the help of real-time reporting

With dozens of ready-made report templates, you can manage your professional services or project organisation based on real-time information. With Visma Severa, you will understand what your company’s profitability is based on and direct your sales to targets that produce the highest profit.

Customers and sales

Monitor your customer-specific invoicing and profitability and sales reports. Also predict the need for resources and invoicing based on sales forecasts.

Project and work time reports

Keep track of your projects’ schedules, sales budget realisations and project profitability at any time. You can also create your own key indicators to monitor efficiency.

Business reports

Monitor the most important indicators on reports collected from the perspective of accounting and management. The reports compile information from project management and time and expense tracking to invoicing.

Highlight the key indicators

View the most important aspects of your business in a visualised format, for example as a graphic, list or matrix report. You can examine the information based on teams, resources, customers, invoicing volume or profitability, for example. You can also create your own criteria to sort information. You can also compare the information of different time periods: for example realised invoicing compared to the amount of budgeted work.

Reporting tools

The entire reporting palette at your disposal

Whichever entity you wish to focus on, you can examine it with our various reports. You can analyse and compare data as profoundly as you like even with large quantities of information.


Know which project, service or customer is profitable and why. You can also examine the progress of the profitability of employees, teams and cost centres.


Always be aware of your proposals. You can view your proposals and their amounts, statuses and estimated acceptance dates.


Track your invoicing realisation and forecast visually. Stay up to date on what has been and what can be invoiced on your projects.

Time period analysis

Analyse the information you want by time period. Choose the depth of analysis and the indicators you wish to examine.


Track the planned workloads of commissions based on customer, business unit or person.


You can view a detailed list of realised work hours and expenses by person, project or subproject.

“I utilise Visma Severa comprehensively in our reporting. I check the information for financial tracking, profitability tracking and for customer evaluation, for example.”

Sanna Rautio, COO & Strategist
NitroID Oy

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