Automated accounting

From PSA to accounting

By connecting Visma Severa to an accounting software, you can automate your business processes from creating a customer to profit calculation. You will ensure that time is not spent on double entries and unnecessary investigations.

Choose an accounting software which understands project business

Visma Severa is integrated with all of the most common accounting software. The integrations allow the information to transfer automatically, and more resources will be available for productive work. At best, the information moves in both directions and you can utilise a common database.

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Always keep reporting up to date

With the help of integration, managing your business is smooth and based on up-to-date information. All information is available to the right people at the right time.

Acquire your accounts receivable more efficiently

Invoicing becomes quicker as invoices are transferred to the accounting software for delivery. You can monitor the ledger in real time and handle reminders.

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Save time and minimise errors

The information runs seamlessly from one software to another. This allows you to avoid double entries and minimise errors. The accounting integration saves time and resources to be used more effectively.

Combine with Netvisor’s accounting

Thanks to Netvisor’s two-way integration, all information required in managing your business is available to you in real time. Information is transferred from sales and project production to invoicing, payroll and bookkeeping with just one entry. Integration with Netvisor can be done with just a few clicks.


Utilise the information in both systems in versatile reporting. For example, your can monitor your projects directly as separate dimensions in Netvisor.


Create sales invoices in Severa and track the receivables in Netvisor. At the same time, your bookkeeping is updated automatically.


Target the purchase invoices arrived at Netvisor directly to the projects in Severa. The projects’ margin stays constantly up to date.

Hours and travel expenses

The hours and travel expenses entered by employees are transferred directly to Netvisor’s
payroll. This allows the information to transfer in time and correctly.


Manage in Severa. The information on a new customer is automatically transferred to Netvisor as well.


The services and products on sale are transferred from one software to another depending on the chosen master software.

“Compatibility with the Netvisor accounting software produces up-to-date information essential for predicting the company’s operations and resources.”

Juha Kilpilahti, Architect student, Arkkitehdit Q4

Netvisor accounting software

With Netvisor’s automated accounting software, you can manage bookkeeping, sales invoices, purchase invoices and payroll. Let bookkeeping update automatically and save time for productive work.

You will make cooperation with the accounting office easier and get rid of manual processing of papers. By connecting Visma Severa with Netvisor, you will automate your professional service business management from beginning to end.

Would you like to learn more about the accounting integrations we offer?

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